Thursday, September 20, 2012

Review, Green Door Las Vegas

Well, this is where it all began for us. After looking for something too do in Vegas somehow I can't recall exactly we discovered the Green Door(GD). After getting ourselves all sexyed up and hot looking we called a cab to our hotel and tentatively gave him the address, "Oh, the Green Door he says. Ya, I know the place, used to be a trany bar in that mall. They're the best passengers, great tips and interesting people."
So with that we were off to the swing club.
Once pulling into the mall you're greeted by an all but vacant strip of empty bays and shady looking clubs with even shadier looking people in front of them. Don't be perturbed it's not that bad. We've walked from the monorail at 3am and had no problems, it looks scary but it's not that bad.
There are two swing clubs in the commercial centre the Green Door and Fantasy Singers Club(more on that in a mini review later), and a noted gay bar the Badlands Saloon there's also Hawk's Gym( a popular gay bath) and several other miscellaneous businesses/bars.
The Green Door is on the east end of the center taking up a huge portion of the Commercial Center's wing on that end to a total of 18,000 sq/ft.  You'll see it right away as it's very well lit and the exterior is painted in bright green.
Walking in you'll probably be greeted by a very friendly staff who'll tell you all about the club, including the rules. It's important at this point IMHO to ask the doorman before you enter how many couples are in the club, because if there is one thing about the GD that's true it's that it can definatly be a sausage fest in the early evening on a weeknight. So if there's no other couples you'll rather want to come back later in the evening or even better head a little ways down the strip and check out the badlands saloon. The Badlands Salloon is the afore mentioned gay bar in the Comercial Center, but the staff are very friendly to everyone and the liquid courage is cheap and pored strong.
Now back into the club and past the doorman at the booth and after a few turns past the web cam rooms your at the first bar area, (just a quick note here there is no liquor service at the club) where you can get yourself a drink I recommend the water. The water comes in a Green Door labeled bottle making it a great clandestine souvenir of your Las Vegas experiance your never going to forget, unless you drink to much then you probably wont remember anything.
So at this bar you've got the dance floor and the pool tables, not much action here unless it's the weekend then this area can really hop. Moving along the bar you come to a door leading down the hall to the spa and farther down a room to the side with a large bed and a sitting area to watch. Then further down the hall is the couples only rooms. This is where we spend a lot of our time as this is one of the few areas you can get some privacy with out peepholes watching over your every action. Around the corner is the stairs to the second floor, up here you'll find...  another bar!! Still no booze though. But there is a dungeon with several devices and other things to please any s&m fan, yay. There's also a large bathroom for any wet works you might fetish about and some more private rooms, but be careful because although these rooms may seem private there are mirrors on the ceiling to allow people to peek into them and if your getting on with the horizontal mombo don't be surprised when you look up and see a face peering over the wall as the walls don't go to the ceiling and many curious folks will take a peep. Oh, there's also several more rooms including a large dark room with a fountain plants a pole and lots of dark corners and beds to tuck yourself into and watch or fool around in.

The Green Door is very large and provides a varied environment with rooms to indulge just about everyone's tastes and comfort level. Our favorite activity, aside from fucking, while there is to just wander around and see what's going on in any particular area and since the GD is so expansive once you walk from one end you can walk it all again and see whole new lucivious activities. We've gone back since and in October we'll be back again, we love this club and have enjoyed every visit so far.
- Huge facility with variety of rooms and activities for almost anyone.
- Very friendly staff, they are out going and will answer any questions you'll have.
- Open seven days a week.
- Clean and it doesn't look like your grandpas basement, like some clubs.
- The weekends are a blast with a ton of couples wandering around and having a fucking great night.
- If you go on a week night than most evenings until late, around 10:00, it'll mostly be a wack load of single men wandering around looking to score. You have to be firm with them and tell them your not interested and if any are annoying you and won't listen then just tell the staff and they'll deal with them.
- It would be nice if they had disinfectant wipes near all the beds and free condoms, but condoms are available and the are towels to but the wipes would be a lot more comforting to have.
- Location is a little sketchy.

Link: The Green Door

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